Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 trips

Jan Nashville:  Stayed at Opryland, ate at Jacks BBQ, Husk and loved the music.  Would not stay at Opryland again.  Too far.

Feb Arizona:  Stayed at Marriott McDowell Mountain.   great place
                 Ate lunch at Cornish pasties
                Went to Sedona for weekend and stayed LAuberge Sedona...  
                 Mariposa restaurant.   Great
                  Went to church.     Great

Mar. Stayed at Kiawah Island Resort because I ran away from home.  Got laid off. 2 days before
         Ate Shrimp and Grits in resort restaurant.   Unbelieveable.
          Resort gorgeous.    Not sure I would stay again

April.  Stayed Cuyohoga Falls hotel for Greater Lakes Region EGA.   Loved it.

June...   Went to Syds graduation in Boston
              Went to Bar Harbor Maine
               Ate a Reds Eats.   Loved it
               Stayed in Bar Harbor Inn
               Went to a bar to listen to local talent.    Loved it
               Went for a hike at the Jordan Pond house and ate pop overs.  Terrible Hike...

Oct.... Went to Millersburg in Ohio and stayed at the Cardinal.  Had a great time

Dec..  Went to Hilton Head during Christmas Break
            Stayed at Villamare 3432.  Loved it
            Ate at Skull Creek for lunch
             Ate at Sante Fe
            Ate at Coast and Ocean Lounge.   Swordfish
            Ate at NYC pizza.  Loved it
             Watched Steeler game at Skull creek
             Ate at Beach House Holiday Inn....  did not like it.
             Ate a Trattoria Divina.   Loved it

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