Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 Alexandria Trip (march)

Michael and I decided to get away for my birthday weekend because the winter was so damn long.  We didn't want to drive far so we decided to drive 4 hours, visit a stitching exhibit in Virginia, at an estate called Woodlawn and stay in Alexandria. 

We really lucked out because that weekend, the temps warmed up to 70 degrees and the first signs of spring arrived.  
What a great break from the dreaded Pittsburgh winter.

The stitching exhibit at Woodlawn  has been going on for many years and people from all over US submit their prize possessions (stitching projects) to be judged or just viewed.  The exhibit had an unbelievable amount of submissions and the judges favorite was mine, too.  The Santa Claus.  Unfortunately, you are not permitted to take pics so I have none to show you.  The stitches on this was so small that it looked like a photo not a design AND it was stitched by a man!  A bonus was that there was a great cross stitch store right down the street. 

We stayed at the Lorien Hotel and Spa in Alexandria which is a Kimpton Property.  You know we are "lobbyists" which means we love to sit in lobbies, people watch and drink wine so this property met our desire.  Their lobby was comfortable with an outdoor patio and there was free wine from 5p-6p so you can guess which couple was there at 5pm sharp!   Yes, us....  The room was normal size however, the walls were way too thin.  We were able to hear the neighbors conversation on the phone.  WORD FOR WORD.  We complained to the management and they stated that they are trying to remedy the situation but not for the next few months.   Anyway, it was close to the METRO and had 2 great restaurants associated with it.  Brabo and Brado tasting room.   great food.  Had Chicken with Thyme butter and roasted brussel sprouts.
 IT was better than Bouchons which I thought had the best roasted chicken.  Breakfast was interesting as well.  

That night, we decided to sit in an Irish Pub, Murphy's (since it was close to St. Pats Day) and drink black and tans and listen to music. 

Next day, we decided to take the Metro into Washington DC and visit the National Gallery of Art.  The past few months, Michael and I took an art class at the Pittsburgh Museum and studied the famous Dying Gaul.  Wouldn't you know it, that was on exhibit at the Gallery and for only one more day because it was going back to Rome where it hadn't left EVER.  Michael thought it was the coolest thing ever and had me take a million pics (really 3) of him with it, by itself, in the light, etc....

We also saw a Wyeth.  

We ate lunch in the Gallery's cafe and that turned out to be a treat as well.  They were serving Coq au vin.  My fav.

We ended the weekend with a dinner at Lidia's with the boys.  I am blessed!

Goofy boys....

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