Sunday, July 27, 2014

2014 10th Anniversary of Underground Book Club at Chautauqua Feb 2014

So, we started a book club 10 years ago with the Junior Women's League and because I could no longer belong to the League (due to my working during the day), we pulled a rogue group out from the League and started our own book club... thus the name Underground Book Club.  We started with about 6 women and the group has grown to about 18 now.  We meet every month and discuss books (yeah right, we drink wine and maybe discuss books).

So, it was the 10th anniversary this year and one of the members has a house in Chautauqua and thought it would be great to have the celebration at her house and one of her neighbors.  So all 13 of us (Kathy T, Trish, Kathy B, Ellen, Adrienne, Fran, Chris, Janet, MaryBeth, Maureen, Kim, and Karen went for the weekend.  We played games, drank wine, went on a sleigh ride around the grounds, drank wine, talked, went to a brewery, drank wine, and went to dinner... and then drank wine again.  Do you get the theme of this?????

We shared this weekend with a cool and well behaved  brown lab named Mocha (ask Ellen..Mocha was so well behaved Ellen didn't pay attention to her glasses which she placed on the ground and you know what happened next).    This was the best GIRL TIME I've had in a long time.

The weather was perfect because it waited until we were there to snow and it snowed while we were on the sleigh ride.  Too great for pics.

view from house

Marybeths cottage house on lake

Marybeth;s house

Sleigh ride

Book Club bylaws and favor that Kathy T made

wine tasting

Southern Tier Brewery

Mocha, the brown lab

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