Thursday, December 26, 2013

2013 Brooklyn Brewery Mash

Some of the chefs in Pittsburgh, invited the Brooklyn Brewery to host a dinner in our city introducing Brooklyn Brewery beers so Michael and I  decided to spend a fall afternoon attending this dinner a gentlemans farm in Hampton for a 3 hour beer pairing dinner.  (The owner of the farm is also the owner of a Mexican restaurant at the Strip called Casa Reyna.) 

We arrived at the farm and the beauty of the fall day was all around us.  

Outside of the farm door was the makeshift kitchen with the four Pittsburgh chefs (Cure, E2, etc.) cooking our appetizers.  In side the barn door on the upper level was a bar with bourbon cocktails and unbelievably tasty appetizers.  Also in the barn was a blue grass band just jamming away.  We were happy campers. 

After an hour of appetizers and cocktails, we proceeded downstairs to be seated for dinner. 

Now, I am not a fan of beer however after this dinner I have a new appreciation for the different tastes of beer (lager, flavored, light, dark, etc.).  We met many local Pittsburgh people who are foodies and LOVE living in Pittsburgh.  We sat with a photographer from TABLE magazine, the owner of Casa Reyna and the farm, and the Director of Slow Eats organization.  The Director told us that PIttsburgh's restaurant scene is growing because many young culinary chefs can't afford to own restaurants in the larger cities but they can here so they are opening their restaurants in our great town AND WE ARE THE BENEFACTORS of that. 
It was a great day!


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