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2013 Palmetto Bluff/Hilton Head/Beaufort Trip

Michael and I decided that we were going to go to the South for our 25th anniversary.  We visited the Inn at Palmetto Bluff, Hilton Head and Beaufort from July 3-July 13th.  10 days of peacefulness.  Ty joined us for a few days in Hilton Head.  Below is a list of our activities. 

July 3rd

Drove to charlotte and stayed over night in a Fairfield inn that was under repair.   Stopped for lunch at Dukes BBQ in Walterboro SC   Best BBQ buffet with pulled pork, great sauce, fried okra (love it), rice with red eyed gravy, banana pudding, fried chicken, They had a loaf of bread on each table.  


We arrived at our destination:  Inn at Palmetto Bluff.  It was like stepping back in time.  It has a small village with cottages built around the river and lagoon.  The best views are cottages 11-21 on the riverview.  Our cottage had a four poster bed, windows on all four sides, huge dressing room, huge bathroom with a rain forest shower and steam room, mini bar w sub zero fridge, a screened porch and a fireplace.  A bottle of pinot noir was given to us as gift as well as a bunch of snacks.  We didn't know what to do first.  Do we sit on porch and read, do we sit in yard overlooking the river and read, do we go on a bike ride and explore, or do we walk through the village.   Do we sit in the club chairs and drink wine and eat snacks?  We were like kids so we did them all within 3 hours.  We rode bikes through the village and visited the boating docks.  We walked through the village and visited the chapel that had pews made from the wood from 9/11(?).  We sat on the porch and tried to read but it was too hot for that time of day so we went into the yard and read.   Very peaceful.  
Cottage bedroom
That evening, we were shuttled to Moreland Landing where we attended a low country boil dinner.  It was like something out of Gilligans island meets the Kardashians.  The area was very remote but had covered tables with silverware and plates.  The area was lit with strings of lights above us as if fireflies were hovering over our heads.  The view was of the low country. Again, very romantic and peaceful.   We came back and sat on rockers and watched the fireworks .     When we arrived back to our cottage, there were chocolate covered peach cookies on our pillows, slippers by our bed, ice in the bucket and all of the blinds were closed.  (There are 10 windows in this cottage)



Watched the fireworks from the shore.  Beautiful low country views. 

July 5

We ordered breakfast in our room so we had breakfast on porch where it was quiet and cool and it felt so spiritual.  Today,    Michael decided to golf at the golf club and I decided to go to pool and read.   My favorite past time.   So I am sitting at the pool, on fat cushioned lounge chairs and the cabana people bring everyone over a bucket of ice with bottle of waters in them and a menu for lunch.  How indulgent.  I feel like a princess.  How blessed I am!    They also have sunscreen for you to use in case you forgot yours. 


Wine dinner at buffalos

Bbq shrimp with compressed watermelon, spring mix with goat cheese and mint.    Rose of Pinot noir

Pork 3 ways. Braised, smoked and pulled with potato salad and Argentian Malbec,  Peach cobbler with candied bacon w Proosecco.   Rate it 4

We had dinner with a great young couple from Atlanta (Tammy and Kevin).   We had spent the night before with them at the dinner at Moreland Landing and the day at the pool.  Even though they were 30 years our junior, we had alot in common and we had fun with them. They  had similar interests (foodie, travel, hates to exercise, migraines, same sense of humor, etc) so we had alot in common and to talk about.  Interesting fact about this couple:  They got married in Paris.  Very cool!

July 6

Went to pool and waited for Ty to arrive.  We had lunch at Buffaloes and ate  crab cake salad, cheeseburger with pimento cheese, soup, shrimp lettuce wraps and pulled pork.    Rate 3.5

For dinner, we ate at ne of my favorite restaurants on HH.  Dyes Gullah restaurant.  We had chicken, pork chops with bourbon whiskey sauce, sweet potatoes and collard greens, low country boil with the best cornbread and cane syrup. We would rate this a 4.5. Good low country food

Sunday, July 7

Day at the beach Michael and Ty golfed at May River. 

Dinner we went to Red Fish.  Nothing spectacular Walked the beach


Monday July 8

day at the beach

Dinner at Michael Anthony's. We had penne w pancetta, Penne w sausage.  We rated it a 4 We went miniature golfing and sat on the beach at night to see the stars


Tuesday July 9

Lunch at Paula Deen's Lady and Sons restaurant in Savannah. Michael and Ty had Southern Buffet.   Unbelievable!   I had fish. Also great.  We dropped Ty off at airport and we went to Beaufort for the day.  We took a horse carriage tour which was informative and a great way to see the town.  We ate a snack at Paninni's and had great shrimp boil.  returned to HH and walked the beach.

Wednesday July 10

Day at the beach with Michael.  Dinner at Robert Irvine's EAT.  Had tapas and lots of wine for $40. Great deal.  50% off of tapas and wine night. rate it  4.  We went to Coastal Arts Theater and saw the musical Chicago.  its amazing how professional and great summer stock is. This is the second time we've seen a performance there and both times it was fabulous.  


Thursday July 11

Michael golfed and I spent the day at the beach reading another book. inner was spent at The Chart House.  Michael had scallops with wasabi mashed potatoes and green beans and I had three soups and shrimp w chimchurri sauce and avocado/corn salsa.  These dishes were savory and had unique tastes. This is now our favorite restaurant in Hilton Head, maybe ever.  Prior to this experience, CURE in Pittsburgh was our fav. 

Walked the beach and watched a storm come in.



Friday, July 12

We decided that since it was a rainy day, we would take a cooking class at Michael Anthonys where we learned to cook scallopini 3 ways.  We also shopped and went to the movies and saw The Heat w Melissa McCarthy.  Great day.
Saturday, July 13
Drove home with traffic and it took us 14 hours.  WOW!!!
Wonderful and restful trip.  That's me below, a dragonfly on the beach.




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