Saturday, July 20, 2013

2013 Grand Cayman Trip

2013 Grand Cayman Trip

Michael, Ty and I went to Grand Cayman over spring break.  We stayed at the Villas of the Galleon condo #70.  The condo was great.  On oceanfront but on the third floor.  I got up at 6am each morning and went to the beach to welcome the morning in.  I was the only on the beach for at least one hour.  So peaceful! 

Take aways:

mornings at the beach
lizards, lots of them
beautiful beach (cool water)
beautiful views (see below)
lots of cruise ships
town looks like a strip mall
food average to above average
Michael is a fantastic driver (the driving is on the other side of the road)
bad cell reception
Clinton the boat captain was generous, fun and NOT expensive


Tour of island in our car
Visited Hell, Grand Cayman
almost finished a 750 puzzle of Boston
fishing in the ocean (not deep sea)
snorkeling  (Ty is a fantastic diver for conch)
Ty went Scuba diving
Visited Sting Ray City

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