Sunday, August 19, 2012

DIsney Trip 2012

We wanted to take a trip with our boys so we asked them "where do you want to go".  They both answered, DISNEY.  Michael and I both said, Are you kidding me?  You are 19 and 22 and you want to go to Disney in JUly in 95 degree heat?  and they both answered Yes, its the happiest place on earth.  Wow, Madison Avenue, you've done your job. 

So, we decided to fly to Orlando and go the parks.    We arrived at the airport together and my son Shane decided to wear an outfit that he thought may him look like a model and we thought he looked like an Italian Sailor.  However, it didn't matter because he was dressed appropriately and on time.

We stayed at a Condo type resort "Floridays' Resort" on INternational Drive.  It was a 3 bedroom condo with a dining room and kitchen.  IT was perfect for our family.  The only disadvantage was that there was not much to do on the property but for this trip it was fine. 

Our first day, we ate at House of BLues for lunch and was surprised how good the food was.  We had the jerk wings.  I still crave it.  That evening, we ate at Emeril's Tchou Chop in Royal Pacific resort.  Not happy with that food however, Shane convinvced them to give him an extra parking for the next day so we didn't have to pay to park at Universal so it was a productive dinner. 

Our second day, we went to Universal Islands of Adventure.  We rode most of the rides but their favorite was the Hulk and the Jurassic Water adventure.      That evening we ate at Margaritaville and again, we had a decent meal.  Believe or not, Harry Potter was not our fav ride.  Too much movement.  I closed my eyes the entire ride.  However, this is a pic of the boys in Hogwarts. 

We decided to break up the park days because SOME of us get motion sickness.  (FACT:  Shane, Colleen and Ty cannot be fighter pilots or sea captains).    On the third day, Shane and MIchael golfed at Grand Cypress AND again, Shane schmoozed someone into giving him and Michael 9 holes of golf for free.  Ty and I went to Epcot.  Ty and I ate in Mexico and the food was OUT OF THIS WORLD.  Never had better mexican than that.  San Angel Inn.  Our dinner that day was at Portofino in Downtown Disney.  Another good meal.  That evening, Michael and I went to a movie and the boys went to Disney Quest.  Below are some pics of Ty acting silly at EPCOT. 

On the fourth day, we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  It was amazing but very crowded.  The performance of Lion King was our fav attraction as well as the Safari and Everest Expedition.  That evening, we ate a local restaurant.  Nothing to comment on other than it was cheap.  What was interesting on this trip, is that we told our boys that we needed to be frugal with our food choices.  So, Shane decided to get the kids meal for most meals and pick off of our food.  Believe or not, it worked.  However, Shane was pretty sick of chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly by the time if was all over.

On the fifth day, we took a trip to New Smyrna beach near Daytona.  It was a drive on beach which I loved because we could sit right where we parked and then rent umbrellas and chairs.  Surprising to me was that the water was COLD.  We ate a fish camp for dinner which was great.  Can't remember name but it was in the same town.  On the way back, Ty googled this beach and found out that it was the number ONE beach for shark attacks.    I asked Michael if he knew that and he said, Yeah, but I didn't think it was that bad.  WHAT!!!  So that became the joke of the vacation.


On the last day, we went to Disney Hollywood.  The best attraction was the Aerosmith Roller Coaster which I did not ride.  By this time, I was SPENT from all of the walking, spinning, heat, humanity, etc. so I sat out most of the time in a cool BAR. 

What I most remember about this trip is being WET: I was wet from sweating (95 degrees) , from the water rides (because you never dry) and then the rain the occurred every day at 4pm.

I loved that Shane took charge of everything and planned out our rides.  We were able to get through most of the parks because of this.  He also choose our dinners and played co pilot. 

Tyler was great too because he knew I wanted to go to EPCOT and that is where he chose to go when Mike and Shane were golfing.  We went to most of the exhibits at EPCOT but my favorite was the American section because of the production there with Voices of LIberty.   

Every night, because it rained and we were pooped, we went back to the condo and played games (i.e., NO Thanks, For Sale, Blink, Uno) and had great fun. 

It is always great to spend time with your family no matter where.  There is nothing more important in life than that.  I hope my boys understand that when they are grown and have families of their own. 

Below, our family portrait.  This is the only pic that I had my eyes open.  They take pics on the rides however, I always had my head down and eyes closed (I wonder why???). 

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