Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacations 1997

Today, I found a journal that I started when the boys were young and we started going on vacations. I thought I would enter into this blog since I would like to keep them in one place.    Here goes....

January 1997:
Trish and I had to attend a conference in New Orleans so Sean and Michael decided to come.   We stayed at the Hyatt Superdome which was great but a little off of the beaten path from the french quarter.  Went to the ACME Oyster Bar as soon as we arrived, great PoBoys and a cool atmosphere.  Bourbon Street is kind of rough and has an edge to it, just when you start feeling comfortable there, someone does something weird.    Went to Commanders Palace.  Bread Pudding was a coup-de-grace.  Asked and received a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar.  Must do if we ever get back.
Went to Michael's on St. Charles--Food was ok but they had cajun dancing and lessons.  Trish danced with the instructor and we laughed and laughed.  It was a fun time.  Went to the Desire Raw Bar.  We had mud bugs and oysters.  Cafe du monde.  We got up TOO early  because Trish wanted to try the coffee and get back for the conference.  It was good.  Went to Pat O'Briens and had Hurricanes.  We saw the Mardi Gras Parade.  The crowds are wile and it is unbelieveable how aggressive people are to get the beads.  The area around the cathedral was pretty neat with artist and street performers but there were some vampire wannabes .  The Garden District was a little disappointing because it was like walking around Squirrell Hil. 

March 1997:

Went to DIsney and stayed at the Yacht and Beach Club.  Brand new property and it looks it.  It was great.  Fantastic pool with a big water slide that the boys loved.  Pool was heated with a sandy bottom.  Tried to force the boys through the parks but the lines were too long and the air too hot.  We decided to chill ou and just do what they wanted:  Pool.  Yachtman Steak House was great.  Cape May Clam Bake was very good although Ty vomited all over the place.  Character breakfast was a highlight.  Shanes favorite ride was Terror Tower.  Ty's was the Lion King.  Ty was too small for Terror Tower so he pulled a fit.  I tried to carry him from the line and he ripped my shirt (bra was showing) and pretended like he was having an epileptic seizure so I had trouble holding him.  We had to wait 1 hour for them to to return from the rided and he was mad as a hornet.  He refused to sit with me on the bench.  He kept moving further away everytime I tried to get close.  However, he recovered when they came back.  Our room was great.  We could open the blinds and see the fireworks at Disney.

June 1997:

We went with Kevin, Chev, Jake and Meghan to Marshfield, MA to a beach house.  We cooked in and had great cookouts on the desk.  MIke's parents came down one day and we had dinner.  Our nightly ritual was walking to the ice cream parlow in town.  Weather:  PRETTY COLD.  We needed sweatshirts. 

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