Sunday, July 29, 2012

Vacations 1995 (yes, 1995)

I found a journal that I started when the boys were young and we started going on vacations.  I thought I would enter into this blog since I would like to keep them in one place.  Shane was 5 years old and Ty was 2 years old.  Here goes....

Father's Day Weekend 1995:
Drove to Erie; went to Presque Isle.  Beach #11.  Full of shells, it hurt Mike's feet.  MIchael got bilateral ear infections from the lake two days later.  Drove back through Sharon, Pa.; ate at a restaurant called Quaker Steak and Lube.  Best wings ever.  Nice atmosphere.  Mike tried atomic wings.  he said that were too hot.  We have a bucket of nuts and bolts (fried things).  Went to Outback for dinner in Bethel Park.  Best steak we every had.  Victoria's Filet.

July 4th Weekend 1995:
Drove to Ocean City, MD by way of Rockville MD.  Stayed at  Courtyard by Marriott on Shady Grove Avenue.  Inexpensive and nice  $62/nite.  In Ocean City, we stayed at the Princess Royale on 91st street.  We ate at:  Higgins where crabs were $16/person, Mug & Mallet, Marina Deck.  The boys had all kinds of accidents (Shane pee'd, Ty had diarrhea and vomit in car).  We had to stop and by a new car seat.  The fire alarm went off in the Resort.  We visited Fenwick Island which is North of OC; no high rises, no traffic, beautiful homes and condos.  We should consider staying there next year.My Mom went with us and had a great time.  Kids loved the pool.  Shane swam 4 laps.  Tyler learned to jump in.  Tyler called SHane by his real name, Shane and not LaLa.  We saw a boy get rescued by a lifeguard. 

August 1995
We went to Outer Banks, Corolla NC   House: Almost Heaven

We rented a beach house with LInda, Peter, Rose, Heather and Jen.  Drove to Williamsburg, VA Friday to arrive in Outerbanks Saturday monring.  The house was the smallest around but it had everything we needed and a fully equipped kitchen and it was right on the beach, the only way to go.  We gave LInda and Peter the master suite which has a nice balcony overlooking the beach.  We decided to take a walk to get ice cream and it became the Batton Death March.  The heat was unbelieveable even a 9pm.  Beach was beautiful Sunday.  The water was perfect and Collen and Jen turned into surgery babes with their boogie boards.  That evening, we began to monitor the hurricane which was off of Bermuda which could affect us.  Monday everybody (sans MGB, TY and Rose) went deep sea fishing.  All they could get were some croakers, crabs but everyone had a great time.  Colleen bough a bushel of crabs (7 dozeN) and we had a crab fest on the desk.  Everybody tried them except Peter who didn't even want to see them.  Still monitoring the hurricane, and we discovered that it will affect us the only question is if we should leave or ride it out.  We decided to ride it out if given the option.  We will have to resupply with nonperishables, water, and beer.

Tuesday morning was a glorious day.  However, the surf is really rough and the beaches have been closed to swimmers. Some guys tried tos urf but the coast guard sent a helicopter to force them out of the water.   Monday, MIke was swimming and couldn't see that the red flags were out.  When I returned from deep sea fishing, I called him in and told him the beaches were closed.  That afternoon, we learned someone had drowned.    Its really hard to imagine that a hurricane is on its way beause the air is so warm and its beautiful. 

By Tuesday afternoon, we were ordered to evacuate the outer banks due to Hurricane Felix.  Unbelieveable traffic jam getting off the island.  We drove to Rocky Mount NC which is normally a 3 hour trip but it took 9 hrs.  Tried to get a hotel room but we could only get 1 room and so 9 people had to sleep together.  Shades of Bosnia!    Rose was starving because we hadn't stopped during the evacuation so she wandered over to the waffle house at 3am.  We were worried but she arrived back safely.  Went to Baltimore to try to salvage the trip.  Went to the Inner Harbor.  Rose stayed home with Ty.  We ate a Phillips.  We also went to a game at Camden Yards.  Colleen stayed home with Ty and everybody else went to Game.  Rose knocked around the shops and then took the subway back.  She had an accident on the subway because she waited to long to use the BR.  Had a Seinfeld party in our room and then everyone went to bed.  Returned back to Bethel Park Friday and it looks like Felix isn't going to live up to its potential but it left us feeling ripped off because of the house fees not to mention the food and beer we left. 

However, once we got back, the owners refunded our money because we had secured the house before we left (taped the windows, moved porch furniture, etc.) because we thought we were riding it out. 

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