Sunday, July 29, 2012

HIlton Head 2012

My Hilton Head trip this year was for GIRLS only.  Back in February, a few friends and I decided to go on an all girls trip in July.  At the last minute, my friend's 12 year old daughter joined us.  What a great addition.  Below are some of the sunset pics and our last night ended with a rainbow.

My friend Trish and I took turns driving the 12 hr trek.  Wasn't bad when we switched at bathroom breaks and you know how many you take(especially after you've had kids).

The trip turned out to be the most relaxing trip I've ever taken.  REASON:  Women were on it. 
1.  No picking up after anyone
2.  Dishwasher ALWAYS empty or filled
3.  NO ESPN or SPIKE TV.  IN fact, NO TV!!
4.  Wine
5.  Girl Talk
6.  Early dinners
7.  Spent less on food.
8.  Went to bed when I wanted to and didn't have to wait up for boys.
9.  Whole bed to myself.
10.  Finally, the reason for the greatest trip ever, Craft Nights

We didn't do much of anything at night but we did have a few craft nights.  It was more for the 12 year old than us.     She made sea shell frames, wreaths, votive candle holders and a sandfish for garden. 


7:30a    Awake
8:00a    Eat breakfast
9:00a    Go to Beach
12noon   LUnch
4:30p     Come back from beach
5:30p     Dinner
7:00p     Leisure time
10p        Bedtime


Some of the restaurants we went to and liked:

Sante Fe     best entree    Goat Cheese enchilada w poblano pepper, painted desert soup

Michael Anthony    best entree    Beet salad and Penne w tomato, cream, mushrooms and peas

Red Fish    best entree     Chicken pot pie

Dye's Gullah Fixins    best entrees   Shrimp & Grits, Fried Chicken and COrn Bread with sugar cane syrup

This was my favorite experience.  This is a small restaurant where the chef/owner is the waitress. You have to make reservations because she can only service a few tables.  Her niece, Malaysia was the best part of the experience.  She was  8 years old  and the most charming small person I've ever met.  She greeted us at the door with the grace of a queen, she convinced some of us who didn't like syrup to try it and kept checking with us to see if we were happy.  In fact, she asked our table after she served us the Sugar Cane Syrup, "Now who doesn't like syrup, raise your hand?".  What a delight.  She also thought one of us looked like her teacher.  When we paid our bill and got up to leave, she came up to us and hugged Chloe (12 year old).  So I said in my best southern accent, "wait a darn pickin minute, if you are going to hug her, you have to hug me and she did."  We gave her a HUGE tip.  What a great dinner.  We had the corn bread for breakfast the next morning and it was still moist.

On Tuesday evening, we took a Turtle Walk.  However, we didn't see any sea turtles.  What I found out is that it is rare to see the eggs hatch.  The Turtle Walk last year that Michael and I took was special because turtle hatching doesn't happen every time.  In fact, she quoted the experiences on that walk has if she had never had any more since.   I knew that was a special time. 

On Thursday, we went to Charlston.  We took a horse drawn carriage tour, (was almost hit by a car), walked as much as we could in 90 degree heat and ate at SNOB (Slightly North of Broad).  This was the our best meal.  Grilled Peach salad w hazelnuts, blue cheese, proscriutto,   Grouper w spinach, goat cheese custard, Braised pork shoulder w artichokes, mushrooms, in tomato caper sauce w spinach and feta cheese raviolis.

Below are some of the activities that occurred on this trip that I don't want to elaborate on (because this blog will take too long) but that I would want to remember:

I have a wonderful facial at the Marriott Spa, we watched Saturday Night Live episodes and laughed and laughed internet viewings, Singalongs and dancing in the car, "The List"--men who we thought were hot (i.e., Our husbands, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, C-Lo Green,) the Mental Telepathic Events among us, the woman who looked like a horse, Guatemalayan drama on the turtle walk (what is that,, Noooooooo)   Bug procedure, Near Drowning episode, the sand dollar incident, the cicada scare, and the room freshener that I put on in a store thinking it was cologne.    I can tell you this, room freshener lasts longer than cologne. 

We had a great trip but we missed our families.  Not sure they missed us though because when we got home, we never stopped talking about our trip. 

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