Sunday, March 4, 2012

Philadelphia Trip 2012

At the end of February, Michael and I decided to do a "spur of the moment" trip to Philadelphia to see the Van Gogh Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  We stayed at the Center City Marriott.  Great location and great price (free with points).  Friday night, we ate at a seafood restaurant called Fish.  I had a mahi mahi dish and Michael had SHARK.  Mine was great; he didn't like the texture of it.  However, we had an appetizer which was Roasted baby red beets w chicken liver mousse, crispy chicken skin, pear mostarda and charred romaine.  It was the tasiest appetizer we ever had.  The textures and tastes were a feast in themselves.

Saturday, we had breakfast in our room and ventured out to the museum.  The Van Gogh exhibit was tremendous.

His work is genius.  His brush strokes represented movement and his use of egg tempura made the colors brilliant.  We were not permitted to take pics so I inserted some of my favs of his that we saw at PMOA. 

Starry Night was not part of the exhibition unfortunately.  We came out of the rooms and felt like the world was color deprived.  HIs paints had so much color it was hard to look at other artists of his period because they were not as bright.  However, I did enjoy Monet. 

The drawing above was not a Monet but a pen drawing from another artist.  I was amazed that it was only done with pen.

After museum viewing, we had to do the typical Philly things:

Rocky Statue

Liberty Bell
Independence Hall

We ate lunch at the Waterworks which was quite lovely.  We then decided to walk 24 blocks to Center City to shop and eat dinner at an Italian restaurant called D'Angelos.  This restaurant was quite a treat.  It had my favorite italian dish:  Braciole.  I have to admit that I think they have the best sauce I've ever tasted. (and I am an Italian who makes her own sauce).  We ended the evening with a glass of wine in the lobby of the hotel and went to bed early.

Next day, on our way home, we visited the Andrew Wyeth Museum in Brandywine.  I was a little disappointed because NONE of the HElga pictures were there.  When Michael and I were dating (within the first few months), he took me to Washington, DC to see the Helga Pictures for a special exhibition.  I was amazed by the way Wyeth captured the flecks of red, orange, blond in her hair and braids.  So, I seeing this would have been very special to us. 

But all in all, we had a great weekend.

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