Wednesday, October 19, 2011

san francisco trip

I had a business trip in San Francisco so my husband, Michael decided to join me. This was our first official trip as empty nesters AND our first trip away without our sons, EVER!

We took a tour of San Fran bay, ate Dungess crabs at Franciscan restaurant on Fisherman's wharf and took a scary cable car ride back to our hotel. We ate a great cheap breakfast at Cafe Restaurant which was across the street from the Hilton Hotel, (great deals) and Thai food at Mung Thai which was also located across from the Hilton. Our favorite meal was at Anzu cafe in Hotel Niko. They had a lunch special that included soup, crab roll, ahi tuna, salad and strawberries with creme freche (sp?) all for $18.   

On the last day of the trip, we decided to rent a car and drive the coast (Route 1) towards Pebble Beach. These are some of the pics from that trip.


At Spanish Bay (Pebble Beach), there is a tradition that our friends the Tamalias told us about. Everyday at dusk, everyone sits on the veranda around large fire pits, and waits for a lone Scottish bagpiper to come off of the golf course playing music. The day we were there, there was a thick fog coming in so as the bagpiper played and walked from the course, he walked through the fog. It was like something out of Wuthering Heights (the moors). It was dream like. This is a memory that will last forever. 

We ate at Sardine Factory in Monteray and stayed at the Monteray Marriott. Hotel was great, restaurant was like the Baltimore House in Pittsburgh (ugh!)

My business activities were also successful. We spoke with a lot of potential physician recruits. While we were sitting around waiting for recruits, a group of ER docs that I work with and I have decided that we will start a group through our company to gather all of the physicians and healthcare providers that work in ERs that want to volunteer in clinics or with the homeless. Some of them volunteer their time in Guatemala and work in clinics. They need all types of supplies and medicines to take with them so we've decided if we send out emails to people who want to help, this will get them the supplies they need. So we decided to call the project:
ERMI Pays Forward.
(ERMI is the name of our company).

So, all in all, this trip was successful and fun.  That's a great combination.

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