Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deep Creek Maryland

I was fortunate to be asked to join another stitching group for a cross stitch retreat at Deep Creek Maryland last weekend.  These stitchers were from the New Kensington area and every year, they get together to eat, stitch and enjoy each others company.   Only knowing 3 of them, I was not sure I would enjoy it but I DID!!   I met Gail and Marianne who lived in the "city" growing up as I did and we talked about the "dah tahn" shops such as the Jenkins Arcade Button Shop, Kaufmann's, street cars, etc.  I met Becky who is an engineer with a great sense of humor.  I met a retired teacher named Joanne who was fun to stitch with.  Shavonne who is dating a man who wanted to start a Bee farm (she had some interesting facts about that), Chris who was very nice and friendly and Lynn who I always thought was shy but was funny and outgoing and knew alot about football. And of course, my friends, Linda, Nancy and Andrea. 

We arrived on Friday and left on Monday.  We stayed in a 6 bedroom house very close to the lake:  Fir Shore.  The house was great and very cozy.  I felt like I was at a gourmet restaurant because the meals were savory and very filling.  We ate pulled pork (the best I ever tasted) sandwiches, chicken merlot, chicken parmesan (again, the best i ever tasted), spinach salad with apples and pecans and pulled beef braised for 24 hrs in beer.  I can't even name all of the desserts but one of them that I remember was pistachio mousse.  The breakfast selections were fruit along with a sausage and bacon casserole and french toast casserole (which was a dessert in itself).

The stitchers were very various walks of life and different personalities but we all got along.  We stitched alot, , went shopping, watched the steeler game and ended our Sunday night with a 60s sing a long.   

What a great fall weekend and a get way to meet new friends. 

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