Monday, August 15, 2011

Underground Book Club reads

So, if you are reading my blog, I would skip this section unless you are an avid reader. I wanted to share or document the books that i've read in the past few years. I've been a avid reader since I was 16 years old which is about 36 years so this list is not complete. I've even added a rating (my rating scale 1-5 5 being one of the best books I've read ever).

I've belonged to a book club has been in existence since 2004. We meet once a month and the group has grown. We are called the underground book club and that is because we were originally part of a local women's club but did not want to pay the dues to continue to be in a book club so "we went underground". Below is a list of my Book club reads. We rate them as I mentioned above and we also share what "color" we saw when we were reading the books. The latter I did not share with you.

The Summons-3
LaCucina-3 beach book; not an epic novel
Me Talk Pretty One Day-2
Big Cherry Hollar-4
The Devil Wears Prada-2
Red Tent-5
The Secret Life of Bees-5
DaVinci Code-4 (at the time, I was offended because it was anti-Catholic but now I would have given it a 5)
No More 2nd Chances-0 not even on my scale
Queen Noir-3
Time Travelers Wife-3
Old School-3
Girl with the Pearl Earring-4
Memoirs of a Geisha-4
To kill a Mockingbird-5 all time favorite character SCOUT
Lost Girls-1
Portrait of Sepia-3
The Midwives Tale-4.5 local author who called into our book club
The #1 Ladies Detective Agency-2.3 good HBO series
The Birth of Venus-5
The Purpose Driven Life-2
East of Eden-4
Amateur Marriage-1
Queen of the Big Time-4
The Plain Truth-3
City of Falling Angels-2
The Kite Runner-4
A Tree Grows in Brookln-4
Devil in the White City-2
Confessions of a Memory Eater-odd 2
The Last Days of Dogtown-same author as Red Tent not as good 3
Shadow in the Wind-3
The Brief History of the Dead-4
The Glass Castle-4
The Namesake-4
In the company of the Courtesan-3
Pride & Prejudice-3
Finn-2.5 also met with Author which was a great experience
Under the banner of heaven-3 enlightening
Nineteen Minutes-3
Thousand Splendid Suns-4
Loving Frank-4 book BY mistress of Frank Lloyd Wright
Water for elephants-4
Eat Pray Love-3
The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox-4
Every Last Cuckoo-3
People of the Book-4
Peony in Love-3
Love in the Time of Cholera-2
The Lace Reader-3.5
Peace Life a River-4
Pillars of the Earth-4
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society-4
Sarahs Key-4
The Reader-3 disturbing
Unaccustomed Earth-4
Lamb Gospel According to Biff (Jesus' best friend)-5 Funniest book I've ever read
Flowers for Algernon-3
Firefly Lane-3 good beach book
Girl with the green dragon tattoo-2
American Wife-3 resembled Laura Bush's life
The Little Book-0
The Help-5
Cold Sassy Tree-3
City of Thieves-4
Remarkable Creatures-3
True Confections-3
The Gargoyle-4
Post Mistress-4
The Lost Symbol-3
The Reliable Wife-3
Let The Great wolf Spin-3
The Girl who played with fire-2
Crossing to Safety-3
Franklin & Eleanor-3.5 interesting and different view of Eleanor
Cutting for Stone-4
What the dog saw-2
Half Broke Horses-3
I Think I love You-4
The Widows War-4 Trilogy

Next post, the books I read outside of book club.

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