Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beginning a new phase of my blessed life!

This is my first attempt at a blog.  I felt the need to start a blog later in my life (over 50)  because I am starting a new phase of my life:  my last son T. is going to college and I am going to be an empty nester.  I always wanted to write in a journal but never had the time because of the boys so I thought because I now have time, I would start one and not have to handwrite the info.  In addition, I have a friend, Lee whose blog is hilarious and very written so she inspired me as well.  It will be a place where I will document my stitching projects, my favorite pics, my favorite vacation events/restaurants, and the books that I've read.  However, it felt a little egotistical to me to write a blog because you think who would want to read it, but my intent is to document; not be reading material for anyone.  So here goes.

I am a woman in my fifties who is married to a great man, has lived and worked in Pittsburgh, PA my whole life, has two wonderful sons, loves to read, sing, crossstitch and travel (in that order).   While on vacation this week, I decided I wanted to blog my experiences so on my way back from Hilton Head, my son and I spent a good part of the trip deciding what my blog name would be.  I thought it should be a name that described my interests or who I am but that name was too long such as Pittsburgh Irish Girl (my name means "girl" in gaelic) or PIttsburghirishgirlsingerstitcher.  My son thought my name should represent something that I say often such as "I want to poke their eyes out" or "because I say so" or "I am going to write them an email".  Since none of those names were catchy enough, we decided my blog name should be something that I always do when I stitch:  Chardonnay Stitcher.  I think you understand the significance! (as I write my husband, M. brought me up a glass of chard so maybe I should change my name to Chardonnay Blogger??? 

The next part of this blog you may skip unless you are a cross stitcher.  I've always wanted a place to save my cross stitch projects that I've completed and share with my fellow cross stitchers (since I am always giving them away). 

So as I go to my pics file to insert the numerous xstitch projects that I've done for my friends,  I CANNOT FIND THE PICS except for these two.  How pathetic is that!  I've waited all this time to share and I can't find the pics.  So, if any of the recipients read my blog, please take a picture of the project that I stitched and email it to me.  Anyway, these are 2 of the 8 DAMN STOCKINGS.  (There is a joke behind the use of the word "damn").  I had been stitching stockings for so long at my Friday night stitch group that when they would ask me what I was stitching, I would answer, another one of those damn stockings. 

I have so much more to share but I need to do some "real" work.  In my travel home from vaca, I also felt that I should have a ending thought for those who read this such as something like, Stay Classy, San Diego or Be careful out there so here it is.  It is a quote from the a dead person I would like to have dinner with: Eleanor Roosevelt.  I think that it represents the way I want to live the next 50 years of my life (since I am all about goal setting). 

Happiness is not a goal but a by-product.    Be back at you!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Colleen!

  2. Hi Colleen! Lee mentioned you on her blog so I hopped on over. Your stockings are gorgeous! Welcome to teh blogosphere! :)